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10 Major Tech Companies to Collaborate Against the Risks of AI Child Pornography; Hoping to remove harmful images from training materials

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In this illustration, taken on February 19, figurines with computers and smartphones can be seen in front of the words ‘Artificial Intelligence AI’.

NEW YORK – Ten major technology companies announced Tuesday that they will work together to prevent artificial intelligence from creating and distributing material depicting child sexual abuse. There are concerns that AI is being trained on such material found online to generate masses of inappropriate images.

The companies include Google LLC, Microsoft Corp., Open AI Inc., Inc., Meta Platforms Inc. and Stability AI Ltd.

The AI ​​training dataset is checked for child abuse material and deleted upon confirmation. The companies agreed to assess AI models for their potential to generate such images before hosting them. They will also work to improve technology to detect harmful materials and share information with governments.

The spread of generative AI has led to growing concerns that children’s human rights could be violated by generating large numbers of sexual images that specifically resemble real individuals.

In December, the Stanford University research team announced that it had identified a large number of images in a dataset that it suspected were “child sexual abuse material.”

The dataset in question has a filter to exclude illegal images during use, but it has proven difficult to completely eliminate illegal images with current technology.



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