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A legal battle is raging in Japan for the right to sterilization surgery

A Tokyo court is hearing a rare case in which five women who want to stop their reproductive functions are fighting over their right to sterilization surgery in Japan – currently banned under the Maternal Health Law.

The first hearing held Wednesday at the Tokyo District Court deliberated on the case in which Kazane Kajiya, 27, and four others filed a lawsuit against the state, arguing that the law infringes on their constitutional rights by limit women’s ability to make decisions on issues. their own body. They are seeking ¥1 million in damages per person.

Growing up, Kajiya was always disgusted by her fertile body and never wanted children. When she was around children, she felt mentally disturbed and suffered from palpitations. Birth control pills, which caused her lower body to bloat, don’t help resolving the emotional pain she feels about having reproductive functions.



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