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Do you want to freshen up your bicycle helmet? Switch to Oshare-heru

In recent years, the Japanese government has insisted that all cyclists wear helmets while cycling. After last year’s helmet shortage, there are now many different types of helmets for every age or gender.

One highlight is Oshare-heru (fashion helmet), a “customizable” helmet that allows you to add hat attachments. The Oshare-heru was developed by the Cojit brand and is a helmet made for adults that is available in different colors. It is easily adjustable and comes with removable padding to keep it clean. Beyond just the basic functionality of a helmet, Oshare-heru wants to not only keep you safe, but also look good.

For rainy days there is the water-resistant rain hat attachment that has reflective tape on both sides. If it’s sunny, why not wear a straw-style UV hat top? If you’re looking for a more feminine silhouette, the crochet top is made to accentuate your natural facial line. Switching from one attachment to another can be done in three simple steps.

The helmet itself costs ¥6,380, while the various attachments cost ¥3,850 each.

Source: PR Times

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