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Echoes of 1962, the Berlin crisis and a world teetering on war

Every now and then I come across an analysis so astute, intelligent, and disturbing that I’m forced to stop and take a deep breath.

Historian Philip Zelikow’s recent musings on contemporary geopolitics are one such work. His warnings about the prospects for global war in the next three years unfortunately brought together a slew of new writings – and recent events – all of which underscore the dangers of the world we live in.

Start with the rise of “the axis of unrest,” a cabal that includes China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. The name was coined by Andrea Kendall-Taylor and Richard Fontaine of CNAS, the Washington-based national security think tank. The group has received significant attention in recent weeks since China, North Korea and Iran have been identified as “critical enablers of the Moscow war machine.”



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