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Exhibition at Alito’s home renews questions about the impartiality of the U.S. Supreme Court

News of a “Stop the Steal” symbol flying into Justice Samuel Alito’s home after the 2020 election has raised concerns among politicians, legal scholars and others about the Supreme Court’s ethical standards — and, most urgently, whether the public will respect its ethical standards. statements on January 6, 2021, as reasonably decided.

In the coming weeks, the Supreme Court is expected to issue two major rulings on the storming of the Capitol that day. These cases will determine the extent to which former President Donald Trump can be held accountable for his efforts to undermine the 2020 election.

“These cases have always been viewed through an ideological and partisan lens,” Michael C. Dorf, a Cornell law professor and former law clerk to Justice Anthony Kennedy, said in an interview. “The fact that you have two justices who are not only strongly identified with the Republican Party or the conservative movement, but the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement takes that to another level.” Judge Clarence Thomas’ wife, Virginia Thomas, was directly involved in efforts to overturn the election.



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