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Japan is the first outside the US to integrate ID functionality into the iPhone

TOKYOMay 30 (News On Japan) – The Japanese government has reached an agreement with US tech giant Apple to include My Number Card functionality in iPhones next spring, the first country outside the United States to include ID functionality in Apple devices integrates.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi stated, “Today, Prime Minister Kishida held a televised meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook and confirmed that My Number Card functionality will be integrated into iPhones next spring.” He emphasized that this agreement will enable iPhone users to enjoy the convenience of My Number Card features on their smartphones, a feature currently limited to Android devices.

Apple announced, “We are preparing to enable residents of Japan to use their My Number Card with Apple Wallet starting in the second half of next spring,” noting that “Japan will be the first country outside the United States to Integrates ID functionality.’

Parliament is expected to approve an amendment to the My Numbers Act on May 31, allowing all functions of the My Number Card, including the My Number Insurance Card, to be integrated into smartphones. This amendment allows several procedures without the need for the physical card, such as identity verification when opening a bank account online, age verification at self-checkouts in supermarkets and the use of a smartphone instead of a My Number insurance card at medical institutions.

Prime Minister Kishida and Digital Affairs Minister Kono had a telephone meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier today to finalize the decision. Currently, the My Number Card features can only be integrated into Android smartphones. Negotiations were underway between the government and Apple to enable the same functionality for iPhones.

The integration allows information linked to the My Number Card, such as name, address, date of birth, gender and a photo, to be stored on smartphones. This development is expected to bring great convenience and efficiency to Japanese residents, marking an important step forward in the digitalization of personal identification and public services in Japan.

Source: TBS



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