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Japanese supermarket allows the use of initials on name tags to prevent customer harassment

Japanese supermarket chain Lawson has announced a change to its uniforms. No, they are not abandoning their traditional blue and white stripes. Instead, they are making changes to their associates’ nameplates as part of their efforts to create a work environment with a greater sense of security for store employees.

Until now, Lawson employee name tags have displayed the wearer’s last name written in Japanese phonetic text.

▼ A Lawson nameplate with the family name “Tanaka” (たなか)

However, in the wake of malicious customer complaints, Lawson is looking for ways to protect employee privacy and protect them from potential verbal abuse. As part of these efforts, it will now allow employees who wish to do so to wear name tags with Latin letters of their names. choice, such as their initials or an abbreviation of their name.

▼ A new Lawson nameplate, with “TK” short for “Tanaka”


In addition, the new nameplates will also display the employee’s position/rank. In the example above, the tag specifies that the wearer is a “crew” (クルー) member, referring to the basic sport of customer service representatives.

Lawson’s revised nameplate policy comes after fellow supermarket chain FamilyMart made the decision last month to allow store staff to use a name other than their real name on their nameplates.

Lawson also announced that it has revised its employee dress code and will now allow head and hair coverings worn for religious reasons, such as hijabs, in a sign of the continued ethnic diversification of Japan’s supermarket workforce.

Source: Lawson via Sankei Shimbun via Yahoo! Japanese news

Insert images: Lawson

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