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Kagawa: Udon keychains serve Kagawa’s specialty dish in miniature; collaboration with 21 local udon shops

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Keychains that mimic special udon dishes

TAKAMATSU — Keychains imitating famous udon dishes are turning heads in Kagawa Prefecture, which is famous for sanuki udon.

Even the dish toppings are elaborately depicted on the key rings, which are only about an inch in diameter.

The keychains are mainly made of udon noodle flour and coated with resin. They are sold under the name “Udon-ya San no Udon Neko” (Udon cat of the udon noodle shop), because their designs feature a cat’s face.

The keychains were designed by Chisato Sano, 38, a resident of the prefecture. She originally made miniature models of other items, particularly breads and succulents. After being asked to make udon models a few years ago, she started selling keychains featuring udon dishes from five famous udon restaurants. Now there are keychains for 21 Kagawa udon shops.

udon yobi
The Yomiuri Shimbun
Chisato Sano smiles as he cuts kneaded flour to make miniatures.

“I want the keychains to encourage people to visit every store,” Sano said.

The keychains are sold at every udon restaurant in the prefecture and at local specialty markets for around ¥1,200 each.



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