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Leek ice cream is Japan’s latest must-try local specialty

Japan is known for its local specialties, with virtually every city in the country having a special treat or delicacy that tastes better than anywhere else. For example, in the city of Fukaya, in Tokyo’s neighboring Saitama prefecture, you can find this negior leek, which are known for their excellent quality and taste, as the local climate is perfect for growing them.

Because the leek season is limited to the winter months, sales usually stop at the beginning of March. However, when leek-loving customers expressed a desire to enjoy the vegetable at other times of the year, a store vendor came up with a unique solution.

▼ The Fukaya Negi Soft Serve.


By freezing the leeks and adding negi powder to the mix, this new ice cream allows customers to enjoy the famous local vegetable when it is not in season. The frozen dessert is said to stimulate all the senses, with the strong taste and aroma of leek awakening your senses of smell and taste and the crunchy sensation providing a satisfying experience for your ears and mouth.

▼ An ice cream that stimulates all your senses.


As for the appearance, the treat is a feast for the eyes, with soft green-white tones representing the main ingredient, and some cute negi-shaped chocolate pieces reminiscent of those on the head of the city’s mascot.

The ice cream represents a tasty wish from visitors to “Have a good Fukaya”, and can be purchased exclusively at Michi no Eki Okabe, a roadside station along the Fukaya bypass.


The Negi Soft Serve, priced at 480 yen, will be available until early November, when the real vegetable will take over store shelves again. With unique ice creams and hilarious sandwiches Located in the prefecture, Saitama is definitely worth a visit!

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Michi no Eki Okabe / 道の駅おかべ

Address: Saitama-ken, Fukaya-shi, Oka 688-1


Opening hours: 8am – 7pm


Source, images: PR times

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