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Make bath time more fun with the Magcase waterproof smartphone holder

Bath time in Japan is more than just a hygienic practice. For others it can even be a form of meditation. The word ofuro describes the act of bathing in one’s home and the bathtub itself. The baths date back to ancient times and have roots in both Zen Buddhism and Shinto. They follow the same principles as tea ceremonies: harmony, reverence, purity and silence. So it’s no wonder there are always some Sento (public baths) or onsen (hot springs) within traveling distance.


In addition to using bath salts that add minerals like iron or calcium, you can take your ofuro experience to the next level with a waterproof smartphone holder. Gone are the days of holding your phone dangerously unprotected. The Magcase waterproof smartphone holder is here to change that. Equipped with a magnet and stand, the smartphone holder can be used in any wet environment. Stay up to date with the news or short videos while relaxing in the bath after a long day.

Available in two sizes, one for smartphones and one for tablets. Prices start from ¥2,980


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