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New Onitsuka Tiger Store embodies Asics’ fashion strategy

Photo by Akira Miura
The new Onitsuka Tiger building, which opened on August 4, can be seen between the Versace and Bottega Veneta stores in Ginza, Tokyo.

Sports fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger recently opened a new store featuring one of its brand lines, ‘Yellow Collection’, in Ginza, Tokyo.

The store, located near the well-known Ginza 4-Chome intersection, opened on August 4 and is colored in the brand’s iconic ‘tiger yellow’ color.

Onitsuka Tiger operates under sportswear giant Asics Corp.

Italian designer Andrea Pompilio – the brand’s creative director – helped design the new store.

While some may consider yellow an unusual color choice to decorate the exterior of a fashion brand store, the outlet’s plastered walls resonate with different shades depending on the viewer’s perspective.

eiji oni2
Courtesy of Marketing Department, Onitsuka Tiger, Asics Japan
An interior view of the first floor of the new Onitsuka Tiger Building in Ginza, Tokyo

The collection revolves around men’s and women’s clothing that was first unveiled during Milan Fashion Week in February. The outfits are functional without being overly sporty and maintain a high-end feel.

The collection’s Onitsuka Tiger logo features simple black lettering on a tiger yellow background that stands out from the brand’s regular logo.

Footwear also plays a central role in the collection, including the brand’s DENTIGRE PUFF and RUNGER sneakers, which feature stylish thick-soled designs that attract Onitsuka Tiger fans.

Multiple stores

The Onitsuka Tiger brand has two other stores in Ginza: the flagship store, Onitsuka Tiger Ginza, on Ginza Chuo-dori Avenue; and an annex that opened in May and centers on the brand’s “Nippon Made” offering.

Ginza has four other Asics-operated stores: Asics Tokyo Ginza; Asics Walking Ginza Inz; Asics Runwalk Ginza; and Asics Kids Ginza.

Asics Corp., which operates from Kobe, defines Onitsuka Tiger – named after company founder Kihachiro Onitsuka – as a sports fashion brand, and Asics as a sports performance brand.

In 2013, Onitsuka Tiger made its debut at Pitti Immagine Uomo in Italy, one of the world’s largest menswear trade shows. The brand then held regular fashion shows during Tokyo Fashion Week and in February 2021 participated for the first time in Milan Fashion Week via an online stream. The brand then unveiled its new collection in Milan – on site.

eiji oni3
Courtesy of Marketing Department, Onitsuka Tiger, Asics Japan
A model walks in Onitsuka Tiger clothing during the brand’s Fall/Winter 2023 show during Milan Fashion Week in February.

Asics Corp. achieved its best-ever financial results in the fiscal year ending December 2022, with annual revenues of ¥484.6 billion – up 19.9% ​​from the previous fiscal year – and a 54.9% increase in operating profit to ¥34 billion.

In terms of sales revenue, ¥123.4 billion came from Japan, meaning foreign sales were about 75%.

The brands Asics and Onitsuka Tiger are probably more popular abroad than at home. The company’s decision to establish multiple stores in Ginza is likely due to the large numbers of foreign tourists visiting the popular shopping area.

Asics Corp., founded in 1949 as Onitsuka Shokai, has great financial potential. In August, the company’s share price rose to an all-time high of more than ¥5,000. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this figure exceeds ¥10,000 in the near future.

Nike connection

Phil Knight – Chairman Emeritus of Nike, Inc. and co-founded the company in 1971 – encountered Onitsuka Tiger running shoes when he visited Japan in the early 1960s.

Impressed by their high quality, Knight founded a company to import and sell the shoes in the United States. It is widely known that Knight founded Nike after learning about the athletic shoe industry through his Japanese shoe sales experiences. The rest is history for Nike, now the world’s largest sporting goods company with reported annual revenue of $51.2 billion at the end of May.

Onitsuka Tiger posted sales of ¥43 billion in the fiscal year ending December 2022 – accounting for less than 10% of Asics Corp.’s total sales.

The brand continues to grow in popularity abroad. The ‘sports fashion’ approach is probably the most promising tool amid a slumping apparel market in developed countries.

Meanwhile, foreign tourists are reportedly flocking to the new yellow-decorated Onitsuka Tiger store in Ginza.

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Akira Miura

Miura is a journalist and former editor-in-chief of WWD Japan.



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