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Nostalgic farewell as Ito-Yokado closes in Fukushima

FUKUSHIMAMay 08 (News about Japan) – Beloved supermarket Ito-Yokado has closed its doors in Fukushima, ending its 39-year history.

Opened in 1985, this supermarket is cherished as the center of commercial activity near the west exit of Fukushima Station. On the last day of business, the 6th, many customers were queuing before they opened.

One customer commented, “I have memories here from my college days, so it’s very sad as if those memories are disappearing.”

On the 26th, the Koriyama store will also close, leaving Fukushima Prefecture without an Ito-Yokado.

Nationwide, a quarter of the 126 stores will close by 2026, with a strategic focus on the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Source: ANN



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