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Research into the benefits of peer teaching and collaboration

May 16 (News about Japan) – There are many different ways to educate students. Teachers and professors try to find the best approaches to encourage students to study effectively and be involved in classroom activities.

Today, teachers recognize that relying solely on writing and reading is not one of the most effective approaches to engaging students.

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Peer Teaching and Collaboration: Benefits

Peer teaching and collaboration is one of the approaches that is most effective for students with different learning styles. Before we learn what peer teaching is, let’s look at its benefits:

  • The students can exchange ideas and opinions with their fellow students on different sites of the topic and subject being learned
  • The students can benefit from learning about the different ideas and arguments of other students regarding the topic, giving them a well-rounded understanding of the issue
  • The students can support each other and fill the knowledge gap
  • Peer collaboration teaches students how to collaborate with their peers, communicate effectively, and respect the opinions of others
  • Students become friendlier and learn more about each other during the peer collaboration sessions. As you can see, peer collaboration has many benefits for students as they become more of a team player and find such classroom sessions more enjoyable.

What is peer teaching?

Scientists say that peer teaching and collaboration help students teach each other and share their own wisdom and insights, which is beneficial to the learning environment. Peer teaching is practiced by professors who encourage students to teach each other and work in groups, so they look for how peer teaching improves student learning and 10 ways to encourage it. This strategy can be used in pairs and in larger groups.

The peer teaching method teaches students to be team players and have their own roles and responsibilities in that group. While collaborating with other peers, students should not only be present in the group, but also be active participants. In this way, students learn that they have their own responsibility and cannot rely on others to achieve common goals.

Importance and what is the Peer Teaching method?

Now let’s look at what peer teaching is and why it is important. You’ve probably heard the phrase that the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. There is a simple explanation behind it that hints to us what the peer teaching strategy is. You can’t explain something you don’t fully understand. The result is that you cannot teach someone else something you do not understand. Therefore, you should first get to know the subject perfectly and only then inform others about it.

According to the peer-reviewed scientific research, what works in education is outlined here, the peer teaching method increases student performance. The main purpose of such a method is for students to teach each other. The research shows that this method is quite effective as it allows students to bring their own unique views and understanding of certain issues to other students.

Sometimes it is more valuable for students to know what the peer teaching method is and to listen to the opinions of their peers, but not just their professors. The research also shows that students who participate in peer teaching are more motivated to continue learning the subject. In order to effectively introduce a certain topic to their fellow students, students try to delve deeper into it. As a result, it leads to more effective learning and remembering of the new information.

Peer Teaching Example: Common Problems with MATLAB Assignments

Let’s look at the example of peer teaching in an engineering class and students using MATLAB to explain how to do my Matlab homework. The teacher assigns each student a common problem related to MATLAB and asks them to gather information on how to solve it.

For example, let’s imagine there are three students in the group helping each other with Matlab homework:

  1. The first student is assigned to consider the topic of matrix manipulation functions in MATLAB.
  2. The second student is assigned to waste other students’ topics on plotting data using MATLAB’s plotting function.
  3. The third student is assigned the topic of how to solve equations using the solution function of MATLAB.

By receiving their matlab homework assignments, all students must choose the message through which they can introduce the topic to other students. For example, they can prepare a presentation or ask questions for a group discussion. Students can easily explain the topic or code examples for better visual representation.

This lesson goes something like this:

  1. Each student explains his topic one by one using his own methods
  2. Other students listen, take notes and ask clarifying questions
  3. On Thursdays, the teacher answers students’ clarification questions if necessary and adds additional information to each student’s presentation

This way, students can easily learn the most important MATLAB concepts by teaching each other.

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