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Samurai armor bandage underpants let you channel the soul of a Sengoku warlord

In 2002, Osaka native Shiro Nogi quit his job and went to work at his father’s sewing shop, where he began experimenting with underwear, aiming to increase their comfort and breathability. After four years of testing, he came up with “Hohtai Pants” (“Bandage Pants”), made from the same material used to make bandages.

In 2008, the family-owned company, Login, released a line of bandage pants designed to look like samurai armor, propelling it to worldwide fame. Soon, everyone from actor Robert De Niro to singer Billy Joel and even celebrity chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, the owner of the upscale restaurant chain Nobu, were wearing bandage pants, and Madonna’s dancers even wore them during her 2015 world tour.

Image: ©Madonna REBEL HART TOUR 2015

Due to their immense popularity, the Kacchu pants or ‘Japanese Armor Pants’ were only occasionally released in limited quantities, with the last run appearing in 2010. Now, after countless requests from customers and dealers to resell the product, the Armor Pants are making their triumphant return, with an improved design to make them even better than before.

The new pants have a shorter hem length for easier wearing comfort, and are inspired by the first generation ‘new armor’ look seen on warriors going into battle.


The unique screen printing technology that applies gold and silver foil to the bandage material has now been slightly modified to create a more frayed look, more closely resembling the worn armor seen on warriors returning triumphantly after a successful battle.


It’s a perfect analogy for modern office warriors returning home after a day of battling egos and paperwork, and there are four designs to choose from, with each design faithfully reproducing the armor that belonged to the following warlords:

▼ From left to right: Takeda Shingen, Sanada Masayuki, Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu


These are the same warlords from the original 2008 collection, and the company says it’s happy to “revive the soul of the Sengoku warlords” and hopes we all get satisfaction from channeling their fighting spirit as well.


The Warrior Armor Bandage Pants are a great way to give us a boost of courage all day long, and they are currently selling for around 10,000 yen at the Isetan Shinjuku Main Store Men’s Building, followed by Login’s Online Store and other department stores in Japan.

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Source, images: PR times

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