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Tasaki celebrates 70th anniversary with glamorous pearl jewelry exhibition

TOKYO, April 26 (News On Japan) – Tasaki, the renowned pearl jewelry brand, celebrated its 70th anniversary by hosting the “TASAKI 70th Anniversary Exhibition: FLOATING SHELL.” The event kicked off on April 25 with a glamorous opening ceremony attended by a host of celebrities.

At the reception, stars like TWICE’s Momo, Mika Tabe, Riho Yoshioka and Kou Shibasaki, along with Keita Machida, were seen dazzling in beautiful Tasaki pearl jewelry. The event turned into an epitome of beauty as these celebrities flaunted their elegant accessories, all competing in glamour.

TWICE’s Momo was notably decorated with pearls worth over 80 million yen. When asked about the experience, she talked about how wearing such large pearls filled her with confidence and joy. Looking forward to the upcoming Golden Week, Mochi shared her recent fascination with mochi and her desire to try mochi making as a way to relieve stress.

Source: ANN



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