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Technology institute will launch Japan’s first autonomous driving major

The Saitama Institute of Technology (SIT) will introduce Japan’s first autonomous driving major in April next year, aiming to train engineers well-versed in self-driving vehicles.

SIT’s information systems department is accepting 40 new students for the autonomous driving course.

The initiative is part of the restructuring of the university’s engineering faculty, as part of which four other majors will be added: IT Applied Machinery, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Life Sciences, and Environment and Clean Energy.

The university said in a statement that it aims to increase the number of students well-versed in digital transformation to meet the demand for such workers.

The IT Applied Machines course will focus on integrating IT with machines, studying Internet-connected devices and digital twin technologies – which involves creating and learning a digital copy of a physical object in a virtual environment – to nurture the next generation of industrial artisans. The AI ​​robotics major will cover the convergence of AI and robotics and provide comprehensive education from basic to advanced applications.

The life sciences major will cover a wide range of life sciences and biochemistry, while the environmental and clean energy course will focus on environmental sciences, addressing energy and sustainability issues.

Founded in 1976 in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture, SIT currently enrolls 2,182 undergraduates and 91 graduate students.



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