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Voter turnout is low in by-elections in Tokyo, Shimane and Nagasaki prefectures; Reasons for this are probably the consequences of the LDP political funds scandal

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A midterm election candidate clasps the hands of a voter in Koto Ward, Tokyo.

According to the election commissions of Tokyo, Shimane and Nagasaki prefectures, all three House of Representatives by-elections held on Sunday had the lowest turnout ever.

The turnout for Shimane Constituency No. 1 was 54.62%, compared to 61.23% in the 2021 general election. Tokyo Constituency No. 15 saw a turnout of 40.70%, significantly lower than the 58.73% in 2021. Nagasaki Constituency No. 3 had a turnout of 35.45%, which was 25.48 percentage points lower than 60.93% in 2021.

By-elections typically have lower turnout than general elections, which are held across the country. Factors likely contributing to the lowest turnout include the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s decision not to field candidates in Tokyo Constituency No. 15 and Nagasaki Constituency No. 3, as well as the spread of political distrust due to the violation of political funds by LDP factions. Control law.



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