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Yamato Transport expands ‘Leave at Door’ service

TOKYO, June 10 (News On Japan) – Yamato Transport, Japan’s largest parcel delivery company, will expand its “doorstep” delivery service from June 10 to reduce the number of redeliveries and ease the burden on drivers. This service allows packages to be left at the recipient’s door or other designated location if they are not home.

This service will now be available to approximately 56 million members of the “Kuroneko Members” program, which focuses on individual customers. Previously, the “leave at door” option was limited to certain products, but from June 10 it will also be available for deliveries of “Takkyubin” and “Takkyubin Compact”.

With this expansion, approximately 80% of the packages handled by Yamato Transport will be eligible for the ‘leave at the door’ option.

Yamato Transport driver Kohei Ishikawa commented: “This initiative is expected to create several synergistic effects, such as securing labor and reducing CO2 emissions.”

The government aims to reduce the redelivery rate, which was over 10% in October last year, to 6% within the current fiscal year, seeing this as a measure to ease the burden on truck drivers.

Source: ANN



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