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Pop idol Koichi Domoto’s musical rewrites the Japanese record for most performances

The music series “Shock,” starring pop idol Koichi Domoto, 45, has marked its 2,018th performance, making it the most performed play in Japan with the same lead actor.

“Endless Shock,” performed Thursday at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo, broke the record set by “Horoki,” a play starring actor Mitsuko Mori.

Domoto, one half of the pop duo Kinki Kids, said during Thursday’s curtain call that he hopes his performance will make others shine and expresses his happiness to be on stage.

The series “Shock” shows the life of the main character who works hard to create shows in New York.

The first work in the series was first performed in 2000.

The series ends this year with “Endless Shock,” which runs through November.



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