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Aeon will roll out electronic receipts nationwide

Aeon group is will launch its electronic checkout service in approximately 4,000 stores nationwide from June 21expanding the initiative to 19 companies within the group.

The conglomerate estimates that adopting electronic receipts will save the equivalent of about 78,000 trees annually, provided 10% of consumers switch.

The e-receipt system will digitize traditional paper receipts, which customers can access on their smartphones.

Customers can obtain e-coupons while shopping by using the barcode from the group’s comprehensive app, iAEON, at participating stores.

The app allows users to view their shopping history and save e-receipts on their smartphones to facilitate returns and serve as proof of purchase.

In addition, the iAEON app will feature on-screen visualizations of the environmental benefits resulting from reduced paper use in Aeon Group stores.

Aeon first started issuing e-receipts via the iAEON app in October at the Aeon Style Hamamatsu Nishiiba store in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Aeon will do that from June 21 to August 31 encourage the use of electronic receipts through a special campaign. Customers who opt for electronic receipts will receive WAON POINT rewards and a chance to win eco-friendly goods through a raffle. Participants earn 3 WAON points per receipt, a maximum of 100 points per person.

In a press release issued Thursday, Aeon said it aims to encourage more customers to experience the benefits of electronic receipts and understand the positive impact of their environmentally conscious choices.

The broader goal of the e-receipt initiative, according to Aeon, is to increase customer convenience and contribute to environmental sustainability, and to create a society where daily shopping naturally leads to sustainable practices.



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