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Bears added to the list of designated managed wildlife

TOKYOApril 16 (News On Japan) – After a record year of bear attacks on humans, the Ministry of Environment has added bears to the list of “Designated Management Wildlife”, eligible for national support for capturing these animals.

According to the ministry, 219 people, including six fatalities, were victims of bear attacks across Japan last year – the worst year since records began in 2006.

In response to this crisis, the ministry today announced that bears will be added to the list of Designated Management Wildlife in regions excluding Shikoku, where there is a risk of extinction.

Previously, sika deer and wild boar fell under this category, with the national government providing financial support to local governments for capture and research costs.

Environment Minister Ito expressed his commitment to finalizing the details of the subsidies to local governments in time for the fall, when bear incidents tend to increase.

Source: TBS



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