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Breathe life into discarded furniture

OSAKA, May 27 (News On Japan) – In recent years, more and more companies have emerged to help the elderly declutter their homes when they move to care facilities. While most collected furniture and objects are usually thrown away, a company in Sakai City has taken a different approach by showcasing these objects in an exhibition titled “Toki no Kotodute.”

Stepping into this exhibition feels like a time slip, with retro items such as a brown biggie, a floral thermos and a vintage refrigerator creating a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of a Showa-era living room. A visitor in his 50s commented: ‘It’s nostalgic. It reminds me of my youth and my father’s possessions.’

The furniture and appliances on display were once intended for disposal. However, Tatsuya Isono, who runs a clearance business in Sakai City, saw potential in these items. He started the exhibition ‘Toki no Kotodute’ two years ago, presenting the items in healthcare facilities and events to put a smile on people’s faces.

Isono’s journey began when he was asked to help an elderly couple whose sister was moving into a care facility. The couple could not take all their belongings into the small shelter. As Isono and his team sorted through the items, they were struck by the quality and historical value of many pieces, such as a functioning vintage vacuum cleaner and an old iron.

These objects, which today could be considered treasures, offer a glimpse into the past. Isono believes they have sentimental value to the elderly, who often kept items from their era in excellent condition. The exhibition aims to reconnect people with these memories, creating a comforting and familiar space.

The ‘Toki no Kotodute’ exhibition was a great success, generating positive feedback and helping Isono’s business flourish. It has grown into a strategic initiative, not only a goodwill project, but also serving as a marketing tool for its cleanup services. The increased exposure has led to a record year for the company.

As the exhibition progresses, Isono and his team bring new ideas to each exhibition. The latest theme is an ordinary 80s household, complete with a large brown biggie and a cozy children’s room. The aim is to evoke memories and bring joy to visitors, especially those suffering from dementia.

Through ‘Toki no Kotodute’, objects that once fulfilled their functional role are given a new life and continue to tell their story. This initiative ensures that the baton of memories is passed on and builds a bridge between the past and the present.

Source: KTV NEWS



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