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Daihatsu ends 4.5-month hiatus at its main plant

OSAKAMay 7 (News On Japan) – Daihatsu Motor has resumed production at its headquarters plant, which was suspended due to irregularities in certification testing. With this, all Daihatsu domestic factories are now operational.

Following the lifting of a suspension order by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Daihatsu’s headquarters plant in Ikeda City, Osaka, resumed production of the “Copen” light vehicle on May 7, with employees reporting for duty in the morning work. .

Daihatsu had suspended operations at all domestic factories in December due to irregularities in vehicle safety certification testing. Since February, the company has gradually resumed production at its factories.

With the resumption of production at the headquarters factory, all domestic factories are operational for the first time in about four and a half months.

Daihatsu explains: “We strive to craft each vehicle with care, ensure quality and deliver it to our waiting customers as quickly as possible.”

Source: ANN



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