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Defense companies lure Germany’s struggling auto workers

The German car manufacturers are in crisis. Electrification and competition from China are bringing thousands of highly qualified workers back into the labor market. Fortunately, many have turned their attention to a sector that cannot hire staff quickly enough: defense.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago, arms manufacturers have experienced something of a reversal of fortune. Once associated with “sin industries” such as tobacco and gambling, these companies are now seen as attractive potential employers – especially if they help fight the war in Ukraine.

Hensoldt, which makes air defense sensors crucial to intercepting Russian missiles in Ukraine, has seen an influx of new hires, mostly engineers, from carmakers. “We are taking advantage of the problems in other sectors as we build our workforce,” said former CEO Thomas Mueller, who was succeeded by Oliver Doerre in April. The company plans to hire 700 new employees this year across various divisions.



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