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Efforts to extinguish the forest fires in Yamagata continue

Efforts to extinguish the flames of a forest fire near the city of Nanyo, Yamagata Prefecture, continued for a third day Monday morning as the fire spread closer to residential areas.

Helicopters from the Fire Department and Self-Defense Forces worked to extinguish the fire that started around noon on Saturday.

So far, an evacuation order has been issued for two districts near Mount Akiha as a precaution, in case the fire spreads closer to homes. Although more than 400 residents have been encouraged to flee to the three designated evacuation areas, none were left on Monday morning.

The fire had spread over an area of ​​135 hectares as of Monday afternoon, burning a mountain hut and a bathroom in a separate building, resulting in the closure of several roads in the affected area. A man in his 70s reportedly suffered minor burns to his legs and was taken to hospital.

Six helicopters were deployed to extinguish the flames on Monday, along with members of the Ground Self-Defense Force and firefighters, as the fire continued to spread.

According to weather forecasting company Weather News, the area has experienced very dry weather in recent days.

However, humidity had risen in the area by Monday morning and light rain was forecast for the prefecture later in the day, which could aid efforts to control the fire.

Japan has experienced higher than normal temperatures in recent weeks, with higher than normal temperatures last month warmest April in 130 years.

The Meteorological Agency has said temperatures could remain above average in July.



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