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Endangered eel found in Dotonbori

OSAKAMarch 31 (News On Japan) – A rare Japanese eel was unveiled to the public for the first time during an event dedicated to the nature of the Yodo River.

The event was organized by Mainichi Broadcasting System and the Osaka Environmental Agricultural and Water Research Institute’s Center for Biodiversity. It attracted approximately 120 participants, ranging from adults to children, who were informed about the history of the Yodo River and the significant changes in fish species due to the invasion of non-native species.

The highlight of the venue was the first public display of the endangered Japanese eel, which had taken up residence in a fish habitat made of bamboo, conceived by the Mainichi Broadcasting System’s program “Aeeeeeei ko”. This habitat was submerged in the Dotonbori River as part of the show’s project.

This was the first time an eel had been caught in the submerged fish habitat in the Dotonbori River, captivating visitors with the sight of an eel making its home in the heart of the city.

Source: M.B.S



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