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Families of Ikeda School Victims Create a media guide

OSAKAJune 1 (News On Japan) – Families of the victims of the Osaka Kyoiku University Ikeda Elementary School stabbing incident 23 years ago have compiled a guide for crime victims on how to handle media interviews.

The initiative was announced during a press conference held by the families of the eight children killed in the 2001 incident at Osaka Kyoiku University’s Ikeda Elementary School. The guide emphasizes that it is the victim’s right to decide whether or not to accept media interviews and outlines the rights guaranteed to them.

The families, who were under significant media pressure, also recognized the benefits of bringing their message to a wider audience. They hope that more people will understand the pros and cons of dealing with the media.

Chie Sakai, who lost her seven-year-old daughter Maki, said: “(Victims and their families) need to know that with the right information they can make their own decisions.”

The guide will be distributed to victims and their families through support organizations.




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