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“Kirakira Donki” Targets Generation Z with New Shibuya Store

TOKYOApril 24 (News On Japan) – A new store format of Don Quijote, called “Kirakira Donki”, opened its doors in Tokyo’s Shibuya district on Tuesday, mainly targeting Generation Z and attracting a significant number of foreign tourists on the first day.

The concept behind “Kirakira Donki” is designed to appeal to a younger, trendy audience and international visitors, offering a unique shopping experience that sets it apart from the traditional Don Quijote stores known for their eclectic and busy aisles .

The store features a more curated selection of products with an emphasis on trendy goods, fashion and technology that align well with the interests of younger consumers and tourists looking for distinctive Japanese souvenirs. This strategic move by Don Quijote reflects a broader trend in retail, where brands are evolving to meet the changing preferences of a global and digitally connected customer base.

Source: TBS



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