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Nintendo announces the end of repair support for 2DS, New 3DS and New 3DS LL systems

Nintendo has built a reputation for customer service when it comes to hardware repairs, but that doesn’t mean the company can continue indefinitely supporting devices that have reached retro gaming status. In recent years there have been a series of discontinuations of online functionality and repair services for previous-generation Nintendo products, and now it’s happening again with a trio of portable systems.

This week, Nintendo announced that the period for which it is legally required to stock repair parts for the Nintendo 2DS, New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL has expired. Now freed from such obligations, the company has decided that once the current stock of repair parts in its warehouse is depleted, it will no longer offer a repair service to owners of these three systems, which were originally released in 2013 (2DS) and 2014 ( New 3DS and New 3DS LL).

▼ The systems involved and their model numbers

Given the age of the systems, it’s understandable that the company feels willing to part with them completely now that it’s legally allowed to do so. However, ending support for Nintendo hardware always comes with a little extra incentive, as Nintendo, as a software publisher, is not nearly as proactive in making its classic titles available to play or purchase on the hardware of the current generation. Even other publishers’ 2DS/New 3DS game catalogs have historically been less likely to see portable games see modern re-releases, and the 3DS’s 3D visuals may make publishers even less enthusiastic about porting them to modern consoles that carry that brand not have. effect.

In other words, there’s a greater than normal risk of games being lost to the sands of time without a working 2DS, New 3DS or New 3DS LL to play them on, and while the system’s current fanbase may not be significantly large is , they are passionate and vocal enough to respond to Nintendo of Japan’s Twitter announcement about the end of repair service with comments like:

“Farewell, our youth.”

“I still play with both my 2DS and 3DS.”

“I use mine all the time.”

“End of an era.”

“And so the repairs for the New 3DS also come to an end. I have to say this makes me a little sad.”

“So sad…I was playing Dragon Quest on my DS today.”

“I love my 3DS. I always have it within reach and I will probably be buried with it.”

“Mine has never broken down or given me any mechanical problems, not even once.”

That last comment hints at something that softens the blow a bit, in that since Nintendo tends to make small, chunky hardware, it’s unlikely that fans whose 2DS/New 3DS/New 3DS LL still work will will soon make it fall apart. There is also a silver lining to the news: Nintendo says that the repair service for the New Nintendo 2DS LL is not part of this new series of moratoriums.

But if your hardware could use a few repairs here and there, you’ll probably want to send it in for repair as soon as possible. Nintendo hasn’t yet made a public estimate on how long its current supply of repair parts will last, and while Nintendo of America doesn’t appear to have declared a similar moratorium at the time of writing, it’s a safe bet that overseas divisions of the company won’t offering repairs for much longer than the Japanese in its home market.

Source: Nintendo via Otakomu, Twitter/@nintendo_cs

Images: Nintendo

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