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Sony Group to strengthen anime activities

Sony Group on Thursday unveiled a strategy to boost its anime business, aiming to make it a new cornerstone of its entertainment business alongside games, music and films.

The electronics and entertainment giant said during a business strategy briefing that it will be committed to the production and distribution of high-quality works and support for creators, such as the introduction of production software to streamline workflows and develop talent.

“Anime is world-class entertainment,” said Chairman Kenichiro Yoshida. “We want to contribute to this through creation.”

Sony Group plans to introduce software on a trial basis to help digitize anime production and is considering setting up an organization to train foreign anime creators.

Companies in the group include Aniplex, a Tokyo-based anime studio behind the “Demon Slayer” series, and US anime distributor Crunchyroll, acquired in 2021.

“Globally successful content will contribute to Japan’s anime industry,” said President Hiroki Totoki.



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