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Sushi Tech Tokyo 2024 opens on Saturday

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will open SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 on Saturday, where visitors can fully experience the city of the future.

The Global Startup Program and the City Leaders Program will start in mid-May. To this end, the Showcase Program will be opened, allowing visitors from all walks of life to experience the technologies of the future.

The month-long large-scale event will kick off at the Miraikan. A wide range of content for both children and adults is waiting to be experienced.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has promoted “Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo = SusHi Tech Tokyo” both locally and abroad to showcase the many attractions Tokyo has to offer while addressing the challenges of solving urban problems and realizing of a sustainable high-tech city. . SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 is expected to attract 500,000 visitors.


The Tokyo government said it aims to increase the number of startups in Tokyo, inspire new solutions to urban problems through inter-city cooperation, and lead to the social implementation of advanced technologies in Tokyo. Furthermore, running the three programs simultaneously is expected to create a synergy among city leaders, start-up companies, venture capital investors, companies with cutting-edge technology and other figures in the startup ecosystem, allowing them all to work together to create a sustainable city.

Visitors to the four locations, Miraikan, Ariake Arena, Symbol Promenade Park and the Umi-no-Mori Area, will be able to enjoy a full sensory experience of the Tokyo of 2050, where ‘nature’ and ‘convenience’ come together.


The Miraikan exhibition will make children the main characters, with experiences with delivery drones, a robot that can be ridden and controlled, a ‘ghost restaurant’ where new foods can be tried through projection mapping, and a wide range of other workshops and attractions that look at future possibilities.

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