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Two rare white killer whales spotted in Hokkaido

HOKKAIDOJune 18 (News about Japan) – A group of killer whales were spotted swimming in the seas off Hokkaido, but two individuals stood out for their unique appearance: their entire bodies were pure white.

These two rarely seen white killer whales, often called ‘phantom creatures’ due to their rarity, were spotted in Nemuro Strait off the coast of Rausu, Hokkaido on June 17. This is the first time in three years that two white killer whales have been sighted at the same time, the last occurrence occurring in 2021.

A photographer who has been taking pictures of orcas for 15 years and finally had the chance to see the white whales said: “It was the first time I encountered them. I was overwhelmed with emotions and desperately wanted to take the pictures. “

Source: ANN



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