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US embassy in Tokyo gets officer for Chinese affairs

The US State Department plans to send an officer to the US Embassy in Tokyo to monitor problematic behavior involving China and consider countermeasures starting in July, a department official said on Saturday.

The United States will work with the Japanese government to gather more information about China’s coercive activities.

The department established the Office of China Coordination, informally known as China House, to oversee U.S. policy toward China. The planned officer will work under China House.

Nearly two dozen such officers have been sent to U.S. embassies abroad, according to department data.

Information about China’s problematic behavior is shared among the agents and sent to the US government. They also work with the governments of the countries they are sent to.

According to US media, the deployment of officers related to Chinese affairs is a State Department program launched by the administration of former US President Donald Trump.



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