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Virtual space simulator reduces labor by 20%

TOKYOMay 02 (News On Japan) – The renovation of a bridge on the Tomei Expressway, which has been in use for more than fifty years, successfully used virtual space simulation to reduce both the number of employees and working hours.

NEXCO Central Japan has been carrying out strength improvement work on the approximately 500-meter-long Tomei Tamagawa Bridge, which connects Tokyo and Kanagawa, since 2021.

The newly introduced simulator is designed to even take into account workers’ muscle fatigue, enabling efficient construction planning amid labor shortages.

Using this simulator in a virtual environment revealed ‘intervals’ when employees were on standby during specialized work processes.

By reorganizing the construction plan to fill these gaps, they successfully reduced the number of workers and labor hours by approximately 20% compared to the original plan.

Construction is expected to be completed in November.

Source: ANN



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