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Water shortages loom as dam levels plummet across Japan

TOKYOJune 12 (News On Japan) – Concerns about water shortages are spreading across Japan due to declining dam levels caused by low winter snowfall and insufficient spring rain.

Meteorologist Ryoko Imamura explains that the water shortage is affecting several regions, especially in Tohoku, where many dams now have below-average reservoir levels.

The situation is worsening in several areas, including Niigata Prefecture in the Tohoku region. On June 11, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism released the latest dam reservoir levels.

There are 17 major dams that supply agricultural water in Tohoku, from the southern to the northern regions. As of the 11th, more than half of these dams have below-average reservoir levels. Ten dams have lower than normal reservoir levels.

In particular, Naruko Dam (Miyagi Prefecture), Isawa Dam (Iwate Prefecture) and Nagai Dam (Yamagata Prefecture) have 20-30 percentage points less water compared to the average level. The situation at Nagai Dam is unprecedented.

The causes are the lack of snow in winter and the general shortage of rainfall in spring, which affects the entire region.

The signs of the rainy season are beginning to reveal themselves. In the southern part of Tohoku, the average start date for the rainy season is the 12th. Although it could be postponed, given the movement of the rainy season front, it will remain in the southern seas until the 15th. However, it is expected to gradually move north and approach land this weekend.

The rainy season in western Japan and the Kanto region may begin as early as the weekend. The rainy season front is likely to continue approaching land until next week, increasing the likelihood that the rainy season will begin in Hokuriku and Tohoku around the middle of next week.

Source: ANN



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