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New high-rise towers to transform Tokyo Bay

TOKYOMay 31 (News On Japan) – The construction of a high-rise tower in Tokyo Bay, taking advantage of its waterfront location, has been unveiled to the press amid ongoing redevelopment projects across the city.

Twin towers, each about 230 meters tall, are being built in the Shibaura district of Minato Ward as part of the redevelopment.

One tower is expected to be completed in February next year, while the other will replace a building that currently houses Toshiba’s headquarters.

The complex will include offices, commercial facilities, residences and a hotel brand making its debut in Japan.

The plans also include a dedicated dock along the canal, taking advantage of easy access to multiple rail lines and airports to attract both domestic and international businesses and tourists.

Total project costs are estimated at approximately 400 billion yen, with expected increases due to rising construction and labor costs.

The entire redevelopment is expected to be completed in the 2030 financial year.

Source: ANN



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