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Will Ukraine’s Aonishiki be the next European sumo superstar?

Bouncing back from a first-ever defeat in professional sumo last March, 20-year-old Danylo Yavhusishin recorded five straight wins to kick off the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament and ensure his rise up the rankings continues apace.

Although his latest streak was ended by former collegiate standout Kusano on Wednesday, the Ukrainian youngster is 28-2 since making his debut last September and remains on track to reach the sport’s paid divisions by the end of the year.

It’s been a whirlwind twelve months for the former evacuee, whose entry into Japan and ōzumo was facilitated by Arata Yamanaka – captain of the Kansai University sumo club – whom he met at the 2019 Sumo World Championships in Osaka.



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